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Farrier Units


I have several mobile Farrier workshops, custom designed and built by Stonewell Bodies in New York. They are some of the top Farrier units built by them and they provide me all the necessary tools, and equipment I need, and storage for all the needed shoes and supplies to be able to meet any type of shoeing needs. Besides the basic Farrier equipment, each truck comes stocked with three drill presses to tap shoes for studs/caulks, and two bench grinders with sanding, buffer, and expander wheels. These units have every possible tool that could be needed. It also contains a welder, torch, and its own generator in case a power supply is not available. It has the top-of- the- line forge in the industry, which allows me to heat shoes rapidly. With the mobile workshop I am fully set up to meet the specific needs of your horse. Whether your horse has great feet and is a routine shoeing, or it requires corrective or therapeutic shoeing, I will be able to meet its needs. I stock a huge assortment of the best steel and aluminum shoes available today, as well as heart bars, egg bars, wedges, plates, and a wide variety of specialty shoes. I have a large inventory of multiple types of pads and other therapeutic devices. I carry a large amount of bar stock to fabricate fully custom shoes if needed. These tools and equipment allow me to modify any type of shoe to suit the need of your horse. I am fully stocked with all Equilox and Vettec products, as well as various materials for the repair of quarter cracks and other hoof issues. In short, these are the most well designed and equipped units produced and available, and I am capable of meeting any type of shoeing need. You can be assured your horses will always be set up in the best way possible.


Utilizing multiple trucks and portable shoeing carts (also built by Stonewell Bodies) allows me to maintain my clients here at home in the Dallas area, as well as those in Houston, California, and Florida. It also facilitates keeping horses on a consistent shoeing schedule and protocol while they are on the road traveling between shows. Consistency and proper shoeing every time is of extreme importance in these performance horses, and my clients are confident that their horses receive only the best hoof care, whether on the road or at home.


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