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 About EquiSport Hoof Care

I have been a professional Farrier for more than 19 years, and have a strong focus on Hunters, Jumpers, and lameness in performance horses. I believe that the long-term soundness and usefulness of your horse largely depends on the quality of the hoof care your horse receives over its lifetime. Excellent hoof care also allows the horse to compete at its highest level and allows the trainer and rider to gain a competitive edge. Horses are the ultimate athletes, and if you want to maximize the horse's ability and have longevity in the show ring, then correct shoeing is imperative.

In order to set up hunters and jumpers correctly, itís essential to understand what they do, and to have years of experience shoeing them in a way that optimizes comfort and performance. I understand what these horses do because I have taken the time to watch them move, and have observed these athletes do their job in the show ring. These observations, along with extensive communication with the rider/trainer, give me the information I need to set the horse up in such a way that the horse can reach its full potential. With my years of experience and understanding hunters and jumpers, it is easy to manipulate stride; speed the front end up; shorten stride; eliminate things like cross cantering; correct lead changes; and so forth, which allows the horse to truly reach its full potential.

As we all know, itís inevitable that these incredible athletes will sometimes suffer an injury or develop a soundness problem. This is an area where I have always excelled - preventing the issue to begin with or developing a shoeing protocol to make the horse sound and get them back in the show ring. For this reason, I have had the pleasure of working for several Olympic Veterinarians, and on some of the most complicated lameness cases using advanced technology and ideas. More about Dave Gilliam


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