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I provide shoeing services for every breed and discipline of horses, but my emphasis
has always been on Hunters and Jumpers




I have developed a great reputation within these circles for my quality of work and the ability to correctly set up the horse to allow the horse to perform at its best. This takes years of practice and dedication, but more importantly, it takes truly understanding what these horses do and what is expected out of them. It is essential to understand gait, fluid movement, how to influence stride length, and how to correct problems like cross-firing and interference.

You cannot just put shoes on these types of horses. You have to understand these horses and what they do. In order to set them up correctly, it is important to watch them move, being ridden, and/or jumping. These things contribute to helping you see if any corrections are needed, and how to best set the horse up. You have to be able to understand what the owner/trainer is telling you about how the horse feels while they are riding, and translate that into the right adjustments to be made. You need to truly understand the anatomy and physiology of a horse’s hoof and legs in order to make the correct and best changes. As a Farrier, properly setting up horses that compete in these disciplines is one of the toughest things to correctly do, and takes a great understanding and commitment to excellence. My experience and skill has translated into the ability to work for some of the most well-respected barns and trainers of hunters, and jumpers.


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